Friday, February 18, 2011

Wed. thru Fri., Key West, Feb. 2011

On Wednesday, we spent quite a bit of time cleaning the kayak that had sat outside for a year or so.  Dan reglued some of the pieces - by end of the day, it looked almost brand new!
Thursday morning after breakfast, we loaded up the kayak on the truck and drove out on Fleming Key to a good spot.  We kayaked up and down the coast there, trying her out - more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  The pedaling is so easy, compared to paddling, and much more efficient.  Now, we're talking about a longer trek with some other folks in the campground.
Thursday afternoon, we went on a snorkeling trip that ended when we arrived back near the island at sunset - what an amazing view, with the sun coming down on one side of the boat and the full moon coming up on the other side.  Cool.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera when we were leaving, so no pictures of that.  The snorkeling trip was fun, but the water was pretty cold.  All of the folks on the boat (about 8) came in after about 25 minutes in the water.  We did see some pretty fish and coral, but this was very little like the snorkeling I did in St. Johns - of course, that island is 300 miles closer to the equator, and that water was wonderfully warm!
Friday, we ran errands, went to the post office, etc., then had dinner on the Navy base at a restaurant with great view of the sunset.  Food was good, prices ok, but imagine a restaurant serving about 100 people with ONE person as bartender, food order person, and bill person.  She was doing the best she could, but was as busy as a one-armed paper hanger!

cleaned up kayak w/o seats and pedals

seats added

our snorkeling boat

view from the pier (where snorkeling boat was moored)

more view

in middle picture is the deck for Louie's - great place to drink, eat, watch happenings on water

just a beach view

from Louie's deck - cruise ship going out

dinner/sunset watching spot

from Sunset Grill's deck

kayak heading off into the sunset....

I think right after the sunset is my favorite time...

my attempt at photography.

hard to miss with such a picture postcard view...

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