Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011 in Key West

Every Friday here in Trumbo NAS, we gather for donuts and coffee - nice time to talk to your fellow campers.  Today at noon, Dan and I, plus Chris (with Kaley) and our new friend, Wayne, went kayaking.  We had to deflate ours, put it in the truck, then re-inflate it at the put in place, Hurricane Hole.  Chris (with Kaley on the front of his kayak) and Wayne were in single kayaks.  Dan and I were in our new two-person kayak with foot pedals.  We traveled out from Hurricane Hole (on Cow Key) about one hour, then back for an hour.  Dan and I were pooped - not sure about Chris and Wayne.  Fun, though - we pedaled, they paddled, through and around some mangrove islands.  One chanel was very narrow, and went by a really old boat where some people actually live - that boat, guaranteed, never moves - I assume they have some kind of skif or something to go out and get supplies, water, etc.
Dan and I thought we would just sail by the regular kayaks with our new-fangled pedals - not so much.  We had to work had and still could not keep up with the lighter-weight single kayaks.  We found that our kayak's rudder works well in open water, and not so well in the narrow channels.

After our trip in the kayaks, we stopped at the restaurant at Hurricane Hole for lunch.  Nice time!

self portrait while on my walk on Fleming Key

these are the pines by the road on Fleming Key - lovely!

my feet in the pedals on our kayak

heading for an opening in the mangroves

Dan, taken over the back of my head!

going along in the kayak

leaving Hurricane Hole, by US-1 (bridge)

leaving US-1, towards the Gulf

Wayne, working hard...

Kaley, on Chris' kayak - cutes thing I've seen in a while!

notice the handle on her back - comes in handy later!

man-o-wars (men-o-wars?) all over the place

another man-o-war

 Chris and Kaley, up ahead

Wayne, moving along

channel through the mangroves

whoops - someone needing to pass us!

more man-o-war

open water - the gulf- up ahead

out in the Gulf, lots of jet skis messing around...

personal portrait - having a blast!

following Chris through the mangroves

'hippy' boat - people live there, in the mangroves
home to someone - radio was playing as we went by...

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