Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday in Key West, Feb 19, 2011

Another day in paradise!  Lovely, sunny skies, nice breeze blowing - we did more exploring in the town on our bikes.  Went up in the lighthouse for a great view of the whole island.  Passed on Ernest Hemingway's house for now - maybe another day.  Stopped for a libation at the Green Parrot.  Stopped at the sandal place to exchange some and buy another pair. 
Went to the Post Office - there are roosters all over the place, just strutting around like they own the place.  We never saw any hens until today - at the P.O., we saw 4 or 5 hens, each with their little chicks (all who have survived the hawks so far). 
The thing is, since we're here for 3 weeks or more, we just enjoy putzing around, people watching, enjoying looking at the homes and business establishments, all surrounded by the beautiful ocean.  One cool thing (among many many cool things) about Key West, is that the homes and buildings are mostly no more than 2 to 3 floors high.  No high rises, no snooty-looking people like you find in some areas in south Florida.  Lots of tourists, of course (like us!).  But, life is pretty easy, slow, lots of smiles.  Lots of traffic downtown, but people are pretty patient - many bikes, little motor scooters, and cars.
Heard of a new restaurant from the guy selling tickets to the lighthouse - Sweet Tea, open for only a week.  So, we went there for a great lunch.  Now, we'll be spreading the word, too.
Met a young couple on the snorkel trip the other day - from Rochester!  They were so happy to be here, and so envious that we're able to stay for so long.  We are blessed, for sure, and will likely be back next year for a longer stay.  Now that we're seen and experienced the Everglades, we can skip that next year.  The people here at Trumbo are so friendly and inclusive to us newcomers. By the way, Trumbo is a Navy base, not Coast Guard, as I said in the blog yesterday - there is a Coast Guard presence here, but my favorite Navy guy corrected me!  Everytime we come into the base, we have to both show ID - I'm only admitted with Dan.
Here are some pictures from today:

some little chicks

Daddy thought about getting upset with me for getting too close to his 'women and children'


Daddy protecting his turf..

another Momma

old lens for the lighthouse

banyan tree outside the lighthouse

from inside the lighthouse grounds

another view from inside the lighthouse grounds

the next few are shots from the lighthouse tower

Hemingway's house from the lighthouse tower

amazing banyan tree.

sign inside the Green Parrot


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