Monday, August 29, 2011

July, 2011, took our camper to Virginia Beach, Va. for Dan's Navy Seal Reunion

While listing our trips in the previous posts, I completely forgot our almost two week trip to Virginia Beach.  It was the 50th anniversary of Seal Team Two, and so the festivities lasted from Thursday evening through Sunday.  Fun time, saw amazing demonstrations of our capabilities, met lots of people from Dan's history, ate some great food, drank a few beers, heard some good stories.  We had some great seafood in restaurants while in that part of the country.  We stayed on the base at Little Creek at the campground, and rode our bikes everywhere, even to events where I wore a skirt!  On the way there and on the way back, we mostly stayed off the Interstates.  One memorable night, though, we stopped for the night at a truck stop in Breezewood, Pa - big mistake.  Lots of air brake noises and backing up beeps, all night long!  On the way back, we stayed one night in a dark corner of a Walmart, along with another 2 campers/motor homes.  Enjoyed the beautiful country, stopped in little towns. 
Here are a few pictures:
reunion picture - Dan's in there, behind the guy with plaid shirt...

part of the demo - SEALs fast roping out of a helicopter

piper for special occasions

"Froggy" coming on the beach - for the kids...


this one brought the flag down

more pictures from this Spring and Summer!

Janice and Craig's lovely back yard in Colorado

one of their lovely bronzes

two sisters acting silly....

Janice at the Broadmoor Hotel near Colorado Springs

sisters at the Broadmoor

from the front entrance of the Broadmoor

one of the gorgeous magical falls at Hocking Hills in Ohio

magical trail in the Hocking Hills

more magic in the Hocking Hills

another falls in the Hocking Hills

Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills

Travis, my son, with my three Michigan grandchildren...

Declan, 6 years old, with goofy glasses!

Princess Ella (4) and 2 year old Isaac

All three Michigan grands sleeping...

Daughter, Laura, and her youngest, Brody, 3

Rylan, age 6, celebrating his successful tying of his shoe!!

Catching up!

Our last post was in March, as we were returning from a wonderful time on Key West.  Since then, we've enjoyed being home, working on the house, in the yard, babysitting, volunteering at the Zoo, and (Dan) working on his 'garagemahal' at his house in Plymouth. 
We've taken brief trips:
  • up north to the cottage in Grayling, 
  • spent a lovely 3 nights at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, 
  • visited friends in Charlevoix,  Michigan
  • I spent a few days in the Denver area with my sister, Janice.
  • a few days to south Ohio where we visited my dad and stayed at the Hocking Hills State Park.  
  • We have a blissful 3 days at a little resort west of here, on a lake.
  • I went with Dan to his once a month business trip to San Diego, and flew from there for a great week in San Francisco.
I have been greatly remiss in not posting and in not posting pictures....I'll try to do better!  I'll try to put some out there now, with labels!

on the beach in Coronado, Ca

Hotel Coronado

lovely entrance to a bank in Coronado!

on the beach at La Joya

seals at La Joya

La Joya

....At the Hotel California!! in San Francisco
When pigs fly??

End of the cable car line - turntable....

two guys pushing the car around...

China Town!

crowd at the Gay pride parade....

yes, it was pretty wild at the parade!!

Golden Gate bridge from the bike path leading up....

lovely sailboat from the bridge

TOTALLY cool car in Sausalito   

When pigs fly??