Monday, December 20, 2010

Finish up!

Dan's sister, Miriam, reminded me that I never really finished this blog.  I left off when we were at my Dad's in Ohio.  OK, so here it is!

We drove back to Michigan on November 17..and immediately got into preparations for Thanksgiving and now Christmas.  The closer we got to 'rounding the corner' in our trip, in Florida, the more we realized that we didn't especially look forward to giving up our small, cozy home in the camper on wheels!  Somewhere, pretty early in the trip, Dan and I realized that what we have together is truly special and that both our lives are forever enhanced by the joining of the two.  Both of us are naturally happy people, and both have so many reasons to be grateful and happy.  But now, we're both happier, more content, completed by the other!  As we got closer to returning to Michigan and to our lives, we were a bit sad to think about less time together.  So, we've decided NOT to spend less time together!  Gena was wondering: "When was the specific time when we fell in love during this trip?"  Dan's analogy, and I think a good one, is this:  When does a cucumber become a pickle?  At what point in time is it no longer just a cucumber, but a pickle - never to be just a cucumber again??  Well, Dan and I are forever to be 'pickles' and are so much richer for it!

We're planning our next road adventure, and this time, we hope we can limit the distance and the number of places so that we can just meander and linger when we want.  We're leaving in mid-January, around the 14th to the 16th, (still deciding) and returning mid to late March.  We'll reverse our trip down I-75, first to my Dad's, then to Mark and Susie's near Atlanta, next to Laura and Derek's in southern Georgia.  After that, we have reservations on the beach (PLEASE, warm weather) in Pensacola Beach for a few days.  After that, we'll likely travel down the Gulf coast to Key West.  There are people we will visit along the way....At some point, we'll head west for a bit:  New Orleans, at least.  Beyond that, we'll decide if we want to go further west.  The main requirement is warm weather.

So, goodbye for now, blog fans.  More to come in January! Watch for it. I pray you all have loved ones around you for Christmas, and that you have a blessed new year.