Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, Heading Home

We have had a terrific time.  Meg has been a joy and entertainment the entire trip.  We have had mostly perfect weather.  We have met interesting and fun people, seen some beautiful sights, attended a fun wedding.  I have read about 14 books (no kidding!).  
We've all three had some good exercise, walking Meg, riding our bikes.  Met is now 11 years old, has the look and behavior of a much younger dog.  We had to change her food, since we couldn't find the same kind in Key West.  It has made a dramatic difference for the better.  She now doesn't leave a white cloud everywhere she goes.  Her fur is thicker, richer feeling.  Plus she's gotten lots of loving and attention from us and everyone around us in the park.  She now can run and fetch a ball until we're tired of throwing it!
With all the fun and relaxation, sunny days, interesting and beautiful sights, we're just at the maximum of time (two months) when we are just ready to be home.
Tonight we will arrive at my dad's house in southern Ohio, spend Thursday with them, then head home on Friday.
Thanks for reading!  We'll continue our adventures on our next trip!