Thursday, February 24, 2011

loving life in Key West, Feb. 2011

The last 2 days, I have gone for a 5 mile walk on Fleming Key before breakfast - get back, all sweaty, have a shower and breakfast - feel all righteous!  Dan's been working on the kayak, doing some gluing that was needed.  We're going on a couple of kayak trips in the next two days.  Last night, neighbors here had gotten some tuna right off the fisherman's boat.  We cooked some shrimp we got on Stock Island - what a feast!  One of my walks, I was accompanied by our friend's Welsh terrier, Kaley.  Pictures below of the Green Parrot, Blue Heaven, view from my walk, and Kaley.

my favorite sign on the island, in the Green Parrot

and waiting...

friend, Chris, and Kaley

Dan's getting us coffee

ping pong at Blue Heaven...

lucky people eating their breakfast...

another scene at Blue Heaven

hula hoop just waiting for someone....

cutie Kaley

view off Fleming Key, on my walk

more water - lovely!

down by the water...resting from the walk

turns out, Kaley likes the water!

she doesn't want to swim, just wade...

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