Thursday, February 3, 2011

in Tampa for the night, 2/3 at the largest RV place you can imagine!

Ok, so we had hired Camper World to install some solar panels on the camper, to be done this morning (2/4).  They allowed us to park in their service bay for the night, surely the wierdest place we've stayed!  Full electrical hookup, with free WiFi - what more could we ask?  It's an open bay (see pictures later), so plenty of air circulation.
It occurred to me that this place is likely uniquely American - where else in the world would there be enough huge 40+ feet long motor homes to keep almost 300 work bays busy?? I've never seen anything like it!!
We thought we'd be out of here before lunch, but, of course, when does an installation job of any kind go as planned?  We're pulling out at around 4:00.  Heading further south!

lined up waiting for service...

service bays filled with 'rigs' being serviced

inside a service bay - our 'home' for the night!

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