Friday, February 11, 2011

Key West, Friday, 2/11/2011

No new pictures today - coffee and donuts and a camp meeting this morning.  Dan went to the dentist - needs a root canal...not good, since both endodontists who are here one day each have no available time.  So, amoxicillin will be taken, and hope for the best.  Rode our bikes downtown today, arranged for a trip on Sunday out to Dry Tortugas for some snorkeling.  Had breakfast at Pepe's - great food, waited 25 minutes for a table - the place is over 100 years old!  Looks like a dump outside.  This afternoon, we visited for a while talking about our travels and a neighbors' travels, then kind of sitting around in the camper while Dan works.  It's really breezy and only 67 degrees!  I might have to put on regular clothes:  shoes with socks, long pants, jacket - oh my!  Anyway, what a lovely time we're having!  We'll be here until at least 2/24.

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