Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday and Monday, Key West, Feb 2011

Sunday morning, we went to church (on our bikes), the rode towards a restaurant that lots of people had recommended (El Siboney).  Beautiful day, as all the days have been here.  On the way, we were riding in the bike lane on a city street, when a lady opened her car door at a very inopportune time for me!  Since God watches over babies and fools, I came off really light - just a couple of bruises, small abrasions, and a lump on my head (because I wasn't wearing my helmet - dork!).  Someone called the police, because they observed the accident and saw I wasn't moving right away - I was just shaken and had a couple of hurts, not knowing if there was anything badly hurt.  I feel so blessed - after gathering myself, we just rode on over to the restaurant for lunch - obviously not very hurt!
The rest of the day was great.  Monday, we went to the coffee/donut gathering in the campground, visited, made new acquaintences...did some laundry, ran some errands.  We've extended our stay here until March 3.
Life is wonderful.  Love to all.

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