Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, Dry Tortugas National Park - Feb 13, 2011

Had to set our alarm for 6:45 this morning....   :(    Really cool and windy (low 60's), put on several layers, our snorkel gear in our backpacks, pedaled over to the dock for the catamaran trip to Dry Tortugas.  Really high seas - just about everyone got seasick - even Dan, who has NEVER been seasick before, got sick.  Dan was surprised - in his 21 years in the Navy, in huge seas, open ocean in small boats, never a problem before today.  Oh well.  After that, we were fine.  The water is so beautiful - green where it's shallow, lovely sea glass blue where it's deep, just like in the Caribbean.  The Dry Tortugas keys are 70 miles west of Key West, which is 125 miles west of the Florida - we really were in the middle of the Gulf.  Toured Fort Jefferson, built by the Union Army in the 1860's.  Very interesting.  Unfortunately, it was really too cool and windy, and the bottom was too churned up to snorkel. 

At Pepe's - interesting mouse trap check holder....

in the outside patio at Pepe's, the chandelier over our table was lovely!

our catamaran

we came on a boat - some came on this seaplane...

the Fort is surrounded by a moat - hmmmm!

lighthouse maintained by the Park Service

inside the hallway of the fort

from inside the fort

from inside to the parade grounds inside the fort

inside - remnants of the barracks

this crudely made boat brought 17 Cubans over about a year ago...

back end of the Cubans' boat

from inside, the break wall

back in Key West, at the dock - a huge manatee!

beach on Garden Island in Dry Tortugas

walking on the break wall

north side shows how the prevailing winds and sea have eroded the fort walls

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