Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday in Key West, Feb 12, 2011

Well, I know if we were in Michigan, we'd consider this weather quite balmy.  But, mid-60's and windy doesn't exactly make you want to run out to the beach!  Today is errand day:  groceries etc.  We went, as recommended, to Stock Island to buy some fresh seafood.  Asked around out there for the best place, ended up at Fishbusterz.  Bought their special for today, grouper @ $6.95 per pound, an amazing price.  Also got some giant shrimp.  Next door was the Hogfish Restaurant and Bar - best food we've had so far, hands down.  Fresh grouper, smoked amberjack, lobster bisque - yum!  And the thing is, if we hadn't asked someone local, we would never have found either!  Both were over a mile down from the main road, through a neighborhood of old old trashy trailers.
Neighbors had us over for a movie and corn chowder tonight - nice!  Tomorrow, we're heading off early for the boat to Dry Tortugas.  I'll have my swimsuit on, but must add long pants, sweatshirt, etc - I hope we do get to snorkel!
Having a little problem with my memory card and camera - maybe I'll have it resolved tomorrow.

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