Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012 Key West

Had the second of four sailing lessons this morning.  He put us each into a Sunfish (small) sailboat with a small sail.  We were to just sail out and back, first in a circle in the little bay, then in figure eights.  I did ok, had a little problem where the mainsail sheet (control rope) was caught on cleat and kept me from being able to control it.  Once I figured that out, I did much better.  Then, with the instructor's help, I managed to get to the dock.  I had one foot on the dock and one in the boat, trying to remove the center board....well, you shouldn't do that!   The boat, of course, started moving away, I did a slow splits until I realized that I had to go in the water.   Two pieces of good news from the dipping:  one, the water actually felt great after three hours of sailing; two, there was no one around with a video camera (that was the first thing Dan asked me after his guffawing stopped!)!  I was fine, just swam (with my Mae West-type life preserver) to the sand.
Later, after shower and rest, I went on my bike to a little Cuban market, Fausto's.  Turns out they are right across the street from the best ice cream place on Key West - homemade ice cream!  So, I had my dessert around 4:00.  Returned 'home' around 5:00 to Happy Hour with my neighbors - about 10 of us sitting around.  They were mostly comparing insurance plans for their big rigs or talking about camping places they frequent.  I was happy to be included though - nice people.
typical Key West bike (with cup holder...)

probably the best ice cream on Key West....

another KW bike - note cup holder on the right handlebar...!

the garden area of a lovely home....

lovely home on Southard...

back of sculpture at the Customs House

Customs House, near where the cruise ships come in

sun setting at the dock where the cruise ships come in

after sunset - beautiful three-masted schooner going by..

sculpture at the Customs House

more of sunset at the docks...

the front of the sculpture - the 'guy' laying on his back is dreaming...part of sculpture

this 'couple' (another sculpture) looking at the sunset

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