Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012 (Fat Tuesday)

Had my first of 4 sailing lessons today.  There are 5 in the class - very good learning experience.  We went out in a small boat, just sailed around the basin, touched back at the dock, out again - everyone took a turn several times at the tiller.  Tomorrow, he's going to put us each in a small sailboat with him in a kayak.  Should be interesting!
Heard from Dan - he's safely in San Diego.
This evening, I'm going downtown to see what's what on Fat Tuesday in Key West. 
Took a couple of pictures of the sailing center.  Enjoy!
good place to hang out, even if you're not sailing!

This is the boat we took out today

another view of the building

the dock - the boats on the right are the ones for tomorrow!

another view of today's boat....

a good wind today - out of the northeast...

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