Thursday, February 9, 2012

Key West, Thursday, Feb 9.

Weather turned out lovely today - we had thought there might be rain.  But, there was a good breeze blowing and sunshine all day.  We went downtown (me first, for a haircut!) for lunch at Bugaloo's, next to the Green Parrot.  This afternoon, Meg and I went for a walk out on Fleming Key, where the Special Ops guys do some of their training.  All day, we saw a big chinook helicopter coming by the camp area four times with a line hanging down (each time) with 4 guys hanging on - they pick them up from the ocean and carry them around and back to the landing area.  Later, there were 8 parachutes that came down in a field near where Meg and I walked.  Do I feel safe here?  Oh yes!  Here are some pictures from today.

HUGE lizard just beside the road!

View from the road where Meg and I walked

Big Chinook

My view when we're walking....

Meg enjoyed the walk, but drank most of my water!

This is as far as we could go....

She IS part Lab, you know!

We're glad we brought Meg this year - good traveling dog!

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