Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, Feb 26 or 27 (lost track!), Key West

Well, we've been having so much fun, and have been so busy for the past few days, that I didn't have time to add anything to the blog!  Our friends Dennie and Denise, who live in Orlando, arrived late Friday.  We've hit all our favorite places:  Blue Heaven, strolling downtown, Turtle Kraals, Hogfish (on Stock Island), and Hurricane Hole.  Today (Monday) we spent all afternoon at Boca Chica Naval Station, just up the road from Key West, getting our laundry done and hanging out on the beach.  We put our chairs in the edge of the water, and just sat there all afternoon telling stories and relaxing. 
At Hurricane Hole, we had a delightful waiter, Elvin, from Bangladesh.  He said his grandmother named him - she loved Elvis, but someone had recently named their newborn Elvis....soooooo, he became Elvin.  I had fallen and skinned my knee earlier.  He saw me using some ice from my water glass and a napkin - he brought me a grocery bag with lots of ice to use.  What a sweetie!
I do have just a few pictures:
Hogfish, a great place if you can find it (that's what it says on the t-shirt!)

Hurricane Hole at sundown

Denise, Dennie, and Dan, chilling at Hurricane Hole...

Hurricane Hole


Birthday boy, Dennie, chilling in the water at Boca Chica

from the beach at Boca Chica, mangroves...

sunset from Boca Chica (looking at bridge on US-1)

pretty sailboats at Boca Chica marina at sunset

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