Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, Feb 15, 2012 Key West

Lovely day!  Breakfast at Harpoon Harry's, then strolled around the waterfront looking at all the boats, chatting folks up.  Back home for a nap (after all that strenuous activity..).  Then back to the sailing club for my sailing lesson.  Now, I'm ready to crew for Dan. 
Around 5 we biked back down to the waterfront to take advantage of the Happy Hour specials.  We had a drink, a 'bucket of bones' and 1/2 pound of shrimp - delicious dinner!  Sat there at Turtle Kraals watching the sunset and people (always fun).  Then, home to walk Meggie and to bed.  I'm probably posting too many pictures from the evening, but I just can't eliminate anymore!
late afternoon on the waterfront

from our table in Turtle Kraals

sun going down...


pretty boats at sunset

oooooh aaaaaah!

going going......


the sailboat riggings look so graceful


going going

could be a picture postcard!

This catamarind just coming in at sunset

almost gone...

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