Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, 2/11, in Key West

Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012
Meg and I went on our walk this morning, then breakfast.  Then, Dan and I rode to a pet store, about 2 miles away, for some dogfood.  Next, we stopped off at the Key West Community Sailing Center.  Great folks, VERY basic set up (basic shelter, two refrigerators, a 'head', and a few sailboats).  Costs $200 for the first year, then $160 per year after that.  For that, you become a part of a social group, and have access to several sailboats and a few 'sunfish'.  Dan is a sailor, but I'm not - makes sense for both parties on a 2-person crew to know how to sail the boat.  I will be taking lessons!  Our next stop was a bike store for some basic repairs and advice, then 'home' for lunch.  There is a weather system coming through tonight - tomorrow's high will be in the low 60's.  We have a church we like to attend here, so we may have to wear some 'Michigan-like' clothes for the bike ride to church!

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