Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday, Oct 7, more Montana!

'Our' lake as the sun starts to rise

Big Sky in the morning



can't stop taking pictures of that sunrise!

last one, I promise!

stream down from the dam at our lake

ok, I lied - this is the last one! 

real life cowboy!

just moseying along....

get along little dogie

whoa!  wrong way!

a bit of a ham!

so close I could touch them

can't stop taking pictures of the cowboys!

beautiful view once we got free of the cattle drive-that's a bluff at the edge of the grass

little stream at the bottom of the valley

same stream - where's my wide view lens??

Another WOW day.  Go up as the sun was lighting up the sky, and took some amazing pictures of the lake and the sky.  Not a soul in sight, but one bull down by the stream.
We stopped in town for a huge breakfast, and we're now driving up Highway 89, through immense stands of lodge pole pines, with streams winding through the low parts, lined with some kind of lovely bush that is gold and red mixed.  Then suddenly, there would be grass-only plains areas with craggy mountains some distance away - what a contrast!  We're going through some mountains, so some up, then down.

Tonight, we'll camp in St. Mary's, Montana, at the east entrance to Glacier National Park.  We plan to spend 2-3 days camped there, using the car to navigate the mountain roads.

OK, I'm just going to say OH MY GOD!!  We came on a sign that a cattle drive is up ahead, then we saw real evidence that indicated LOTS of cattle came by recently...and, then we came upon an honest to goodness cattle drive.  There must have been 300 or more head of cattle, with real life cowboys and girls, on the road, in the ditch beside the road, in folks' front yards.  We just carefully made our way through the herd (took about 30 minutes), got lots of pictures.  Amazing experience - I've never seen anything like it and wouldn't have missed it for anything!

In the next town, Great Falls, we stopped for lunch, and to find a truck wash - you wouldn't believe the amount of cow poop you can accumulate on a truck, trailer, and car - eauuuu!  Even after the pressure wash, I can still smell a bit of eau di cattle....Back to the truck wash one more time, and we're clean!

We got our first look at the Rocky Mountains this afternoon - magnificent!  First mountains that are higher than the tree line.  Also, aspen trees lined the road.  We're camped up on a hill right outside of the Glacier National Park.

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