Saturday, October 23, 2010

PLEEEEEASE get us through Los Angeles!

Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010
This morning, we woke up in the King City campground (San Lorenzo) knowing we had to 'beat feet' to make it into the San Diego area this evening.  But, we got to talking to a very nice couple, originally from Wisconsin and now from the Sacramento area.  Fun talking with them sharing our camping experiences and the differences between their 5th wheel camper and our truck camper.  We pulled out and found that right there adjacent to the campground, there is an extensive agricultural museum, with every iteration of every farm-type machinery for the past 100 years or so.  Interesting to me, and facinating for Dan.  OK, another spot to add to our list of placesme to live here, y we must return to!
We passed through the Salinas Valley, where the "Grapes of Wrath' action took place.  Very wide valley, with all sorts of crops, lettuce, cabbage, celery, sugar beets, and then back to acres and acres of grapes.
Then, beautiful grand mountains, glimpses of the ocean, beautiful Santa Barbara and surroundings, and then....Los Angeles - in order to get me to live here, you would need some heavy cord and a very secure post in the ground!  Ugh - Saturday afternoon, and we've inched along for the two hours.  And, we're not done yet.  Interesting to note that at least 95 percent of the cars here are foreign made.  (Let's not talk about the fact that we're riding in a Dodge Ram truck and pulling a Toyota!)
Our destination tonight is a campground/resort south and east of LA.  Will be good to get out of this truck and relax!  I hear they have a hot tub!!
The only pictures I have taken so far today are (1) several lanes of stopped traffic, and (2) highway sign showing the end of Hwy. 101 - that means we have driving the entire length of that highway, starting in Olympia, Washington, on the Olympic peninsula.  I think I'll spare you those wonderful shots!

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