Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Six - South Dakota!!

fisherman getting ready to go out for walleye!

sunset over lake Oahe from last night


our home away from home.....
First thing this morning, I got up and shot about 40 pictures of the beautiful dawn at Lake Oahe, with the mist rising from the lake.  There's some type of weed that is ubequitous here that, when stepped on, smells wonderful!  Asked a fisherman/local guy and the state park ranger - they don't know what it is (and probably don't even smell it anymore)!  Our drive this morning took us across a bridge over what the sign said is the Missouri River/Lake Oahe (which??).  We see rolling hills, the distant ones are brown mostly.  Today, we're heading first to Wall, SD (Wall Drugs, the famous store), and then to  camp at Custer State Park.
Driving south in South Dakota, we started to see higher hills (mountains?) and more rolling countryside, cattle.  The fuel light came on, meaning we had about 50 miles to go until a dry tank - next gas station/civilization we saw was about 30 miles in Isabel!  Of course, we've got my car in tow with a full tank...plan B.
In every low spot in these rolling hills, there grows lovely golden leafed trees - so pretty to see them glow in the sun. In one spot, we saw a few head of cattle outside the fence - then, we noticed that the grass WAS actually greener on that side of the fence!
Stopped at Wall Drugs (which sells pretty much everything BUT drugs...).  Been there, have the coffee mug and magnet...
Tonight, we're camped in Custer State Park. Can't wait to see all the sights around here, including Mt. Rushmore, Sitting Bull, Wind Cave National Park, the wildlife scenic drive.  Monday, there will be buffalos being branded - should be something to see!
These pictures are almost all from our camping place on Lake Oahe in Mobridge, SD.

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