Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bye to Texas, Hello Louisianna!

West Texas desert

Sunday, October 31, 2010
we woke up in Texas hill country - lovely! Drove through the rolling hillsides, enjoying the more 'friendly'-looking countryside.  All along the road, both in the median and on the side, grows some very pretty grass - green on the bottom, beige stalks, and a reddish top.
We drove to Houston and to the house of one of Dan's buddies from the Seal team, 'Doc' Riojas, and his wife, Lulu.  Lovely home, nice conversation, lots of memories for Doc and Dan.  They took us to dinner at a great Tex-Mex place and sent us on our way, after taking a bunch of pictures!
We're camped for the night just inside the Louisianna border - we do have WiFi, but not very strong connection..almost no phone connection.  I think this is what you call 'the boonies'!
I did take some pictures today...!
nice campsite in Texas Hill country

nice view of surrounding hills (west of San Antonio)

I-10 looking west (from whence we  came!)

Dan and Doc

We're ready to hit the road again!

That's Lulu at the truck door...

proud Navy retirees

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