Wednesday, October 27, 2010

San Diego

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
This morning, I'm sitting in the camper with the door open to the Pacific, watching the waves come in and some surfers who are on their personal water devices (?).  One actually went into a wave and intentionally flipped the thing!  Landed right side up.   Now that's something you don't see every day! 
We're camped at Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton.  The Marines were out in force this morning, group of about 100 guys running up and down the beach.  They disappeared and the next thing to come into view are two APCs (armored personnel carriers).  They roared off down the beach, but didn't oblige me by running into the water.  Maybe later!
Dan has some business in Orange County this morning, so he's taking off for a while.  Thought about going to the base course and knocking some little white balls around, but decided I would enjoy hanging out on the beach more!  I'm going to do some laundry, re-organize my clothes, clean up the 'house' a bit.  In short, a perfect morning, doing a bit of needful things and a whole lot of nothing else!
Had a wonderful prime rib dinner at the 94th Aerosquadron restaurant last night with Dan's friend and business partner, Karen, and her hubby, Barry.  Fun time - I've heard so much about them, it's great to finally get to meet them.
Looks like we may have to stay here until Thursday, which is a good/bad thing.  Good, because the area is beautiful, and there's no end of fun things to do.  Bad, because we're at a difficult stage in this wonderful trip.  We're out of time to meander across the country!  We're to be in Ft. Pierce, Florida, on or before 11/4 for Dan's Navy Seal Reunion, the original purpose for this trip!  Which means we only have 7 days, now, to hie 2,500 miles across the country!  I know, to you working people, 7 days sounds like a lot, but Dan and I are the ones that took 3 days to get out of Michigan!  There's so much we wanted to do between here and Florida, but they'll just have to wait until the next trip.
This afternoon, we're driving down to Imperial Beach, the most southwestern point of the contiguous U.S.  We'll probably go across the border to Tijuana, just because we can, and because we can now say we included two foreign countries on our trip!
Not many pictures today - we've just been busy.  Just now, I took a picture that shows my view out the door of the camper plus one of the beach from the just outside the door of the camper.  The water is about 100 yards away.  Went on a nice walk up and down the beach, watched a couple of surfers then sat and read my book for a while. 
This evening, we drove to the most southwest corner of the contiguous States, Imperial Beach.  You park, then walk down the beach for about another mile to the Tijuana River.  The River is not the border at that point - but, we walked as far as we could go.
Then, we parked at the border gate on the US side and walked over to Tijuana.  Strolled around a bit, with every vendor in the city approaching with a hopeful face.  We just kept saying "No, gracias."  But, we did have a wonderful meal and a nice talk with Fausto, our waiter.  He spoke very good English, and our patchy Spanish got us through.
beach at Del Mar, right outside the camper!

very different beach at San Onofre, just a few miles north

San Onofre beach

from inside the camper....

lovely sandy beach at Del Mar

at the border - helicopters all over the place, practicing landing/takeoff

the round structure to the right of the screen is the bull ring

Gena, as close to the border as we can go without wading the river!

our boys in the heli...

Tijuana River (in US), Tijuana in the background

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