Friday, October 22, 2010

From California to California!

this huge redwood is laying down...

cool tree completely covered in moss

sign about how the redwoods grow...from roots, not usually from seeds

hard to convey just how big these guys are...
Friday, October 22, 2010
Last night, we just stayed in the camper parked on the street near David and Lea's apartment in Davis.  As we were settling down for the night, I said "Wow, it almost sounds like we're parked on the street....Oh that's right - we are!"  This morning, we took David and Lea to a great breakfast at a crepe place, then headed out.  We went to a place where we could replace the magnetic brake lights that sat on the rear of my towed car.  The others somehow got knocked off and dragged for a while before Dan noticed! They were toast... 
Next stop:  Muir Woods National Park just north of San Francisco. Unbelieveably, this was the first rainy day since we left home almost a month ago!  Even so, we thoroughly enjoyed walking  through this old growth forest. We were amazed and awed by their beauty. Huge redwoods again - this is the oldest stand on the coast.  To get there, we drove on a very twisty turny and narrow road up Mt. Tamalpais - a popular hiking area.
Next, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge - silly me, I thought it was named that because of its color - nope, the bridge is actually a reddish color, and spans the Golden Gate strait!  We have absolutely no time to stop and explore San Francisco, one of Dan's favorite cities - that'll have to wait until another trip.  I was there once years ago, and just got a sample of the city - this time, we didn't even get a nibble!  We drove through, enjoying the sights.  City Hall, SF Schools building, Veterans Memorial (site of operas and plays), the Symphony building, lots of interesting-looking buildings and people.  Sigh....
This afternoon, we're just going to get as far as we can towards San Diego where we will spend several days.  Dan has business there, and I'm going to get a haircut - if I don't get a professional haircut (and color!) soon, I'm going to start in with my scissors..not a good thing!
Camped for the night in King City, after a long and pretty boring drive through the cities and LOTS of traffic south of San Francisco.  It's still over 300 miles to Los Angeles!  And another 100 after that to San Diego.   Wow, big state!
Most of my pictures in the Muir Woods were not good, blurry or too dark.  So, here are the ones that turned out ok.

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