Monday, October 8, 2018

Fairport, NY, September 17-18, 2018

Fairport had been touted as one of the favorite stops on the Erie Canal.  It was a nice stop – we were a little disappointed that all the buildings right at the city dock were all new structures, rather than the older, redone buildings as in other ports.  They were very nice and attractive – just not the old architecture that we enjoy!  The dock master met us and gave us a welcome packet with all kinds of information.  One very welcome item in the welcome bag was a book from the book resale shop!  Always welcome!  He also gave us valuable advice – “See that ice cream store over there?  Don’t get anything larger than a kiddy scoop!”  He was right – the kiddy scoop was huge! 
We went looking for the small specialty grocery store near the dock, and Dan made a very nice discovery – a tool resale place!  He was practically drooling – they were closed, but some fellows were inside working.  They said Dan could buy something if he had exact change.  He managed to spend $20….if we had not been on the boat, he could have really dropped some change.  The next day, Dan went there looking for two large pipe wrenches for a 10 minute job.  They were only about $20 total.  When the guy heard he only needed them for 10 minutes, though, he told Dan to take them and return them the next day – pretty cool.
The specialty grocery store had some nice offerings, for example some locally made pierogi and ravioli! 
We met a solo looper, Mick Anderson, on the Phantom, that first day.  He pulled in later that day.  We enjoyed visiting with him – he is on his third complete loop SOLO!  Amazing.  He is headed the same direction as us, but is in a bit of a hurry to get to Naples, Florida this season, where he has a business restoring yachts.  He travels slower than us, at about 5 knots, but he just keeps moving – he was there one night, then moved along.  We will see him again.
rowers in the canal

can't get enough of this sunset!

more magical sunset!

we thought it was quite humorous to put two exit signs on an entirely open patio!

Kittiwake at the dock in Fairport

nice older home

beautiful church

 One happy event was that two more looper boats came in the second day we were there – both were headed east and down the coast for the winter.  We made plans to go to drinks and dinner at a delightful place located in an old mansion.  Turned out all three couples are from Michigan!  What are the odds of that happening?  We had a wonderful meal and lovely time for the evening.

old filling station, now the Fairport Brewing company!

old mansion, now gorgeous restaurant!!

three Michigan couples at dinner!

views from inside the mansion/restaurant

morning visitors in Fairport

the bridge in Fairport

another morning visitor

everything looks prettier in the sunset!

not sure what this smoke stack was for, but it makes for an interesting picture!

some of the newer construction around the dock

one of my favorite shots in Fairport

this guy had bought the boat, motor, and trailer for $1,200!  getting it ready to take wife for ride!

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