Sunday, September 16, 2018

Palmyra, NY, September 16, 2018

Once again, we stopped here because of timing – we left Lyons late in the day, and so this is as far as we could get before the locks close at 5:00!  And, once again, we are so glad we stopped here.
We were greeted on the dock by Dick, who we assumed lived here and greeted boaters like Bob Stopper in Lyons.  He told us we were just in time to attend the town’s Canal Days Festival, just up the road.  In fact, he said, the parade is happening right now.  So, we hurried up to the main street to see the parade.  I expected a small town parade, with a couple of tractors and a school band.  We were quite impressed with the half dozen or so of bands, including school bands, an alumni band, and a jazz band!  There was a float on which was recreated the scene from Iwo Jima with the Marines raising the flag.  One float carried about six lovely young women all dressed in formal gowns with sashes denoting their title – I didn’t catch what those were.  Wonderful!
The festival itself was pretty typical, with food offerings like fried dough, chicken quesadillas, hot dogs.  There were booths with goods for sale too.  We met our favorite dog since we lost Max.  Buddy was 82 pounds of love, a mastiff/boxer mix.  We would have taken him home in a heartbeat!
One unique feature downtown is a 150 foot flag tower, given to the town by the Republicans back during the Cleveland-Harrison campaign of 1892.

parade band


pretty house downtown

kids picking up candy thrown by folks on a float

downtown storefront

pretty house, with people watching the parade

another pretty house


oops - cut off the top of the Iwo Jima reenactment

decorated trash truck!

village hall

downtown storefront

mural near the town harbor

footbridge to the harbor

deck on harbor-side restaurant

150' flag tower donated by Republican party in 1892

Kittiwake docked

lovely sunset from our dock

bridge after leaving Palmyra

bridge over the Canal - after Palmyra

downtown scene

dance demonstration

more dance demo


pretty church downtown

opposite side of the harbor


nice house along the Canal

pretty scene along the Canal

nice house along the Canal

nice house, Canal side

We had a chance to get to know Dick, since, as it turns out, his boat is parked on the dock behind the Kittiwake.  He lives on his boat, on the Canal, every summer – for the past 10 summers now.  He can just run up and down the canal, never paying for dockage, meeting wonderful people, enjoying life.  He said there are a half dozen or so people who do the same thing.  When the canal closes, this year on October 10, he will store his canal boat and hie to his trawler that he keeps in Punta Gorda, Florida.  Oh, the people we meet!

Views from the canal on the way to Palmyra....


mural in Newark - we didn't stop there, maybe next time!

another nice mural

Canal boat - these are for rent, and we saw a few on our journey.

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