Sunday, September 16, 2018

Baldwinsville, NY, September 12, 2018

We are starting to see a real spirit of welcome in these little towns on the Erie Canal.  In Baldwinsville (many call it B’ville), we docked for free, alongside a lovely park right after Lock #24.  They did ask for $10 per night for electricity.  The park contained a really nice “little free library”, which someone had modeled very closely to their town’s library – what a creative idea! There were quite a few folks who walked their dogs through the park while we were there – especially now that we are missing Max, we always ask if we can get our “dog fix” with their pup.  People are happy to share the love.

While we were there, we walked all over the town, went to the grocery store (Uber’d back when we bought too much!), Laundromat for some heavily dirtied work rags, had the computer repair guy look at my PC for some issues (no solution offered, and no charge), discovered a delightful diner from back in time, the B’Ville Diner.  Dan had meatloaf one night and SOS the next (oldsters among us will know what that is). 

nice mural in downtown Baldwinsville

lovely old church

loved eating in this diner!

interior of the diner
view of the dock and park
Dock and park
beautiful hazy morning
peaceful morning swim

replica of the town library, for the 'Little Free Library" at the dock!
back side of the "Little Free Library"!

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