Sunday, September 16, 2018

Brewerton, NY at the Brewerton Boatyard

We spent four days here, while Dan (and I, his trusty assistant) got some maintenance done.  The owner grew up here in the boatyard started by his dad.  Lots of experience, very nice people. 
We had a couple of nice dinners out there, one at Waterfront Restaurant and one at a small Mexican place – Mmmm!  It was terrific.
Dan changed the oil on the port side, and then changed the filter – which he hadn’t done before.  I’m just the helper, but I felt for him – he has to bend himself into a pretzel, then it was really hard to get the new filter in place.  Before we left the next morning, he decided we should try starting the port side engine – wouldn’t run for more than a couple of minutes.  He methodically went through the whole system, checking connections, thinking it through.  Finally, he’d tried everything he could think of and was sitting, pondering.  The owner next door came over to offer his sympathy and advice.  Turned out to be a fairly simple fix – can’t leave any air at all in the path – when we replaced the filter and filled it with fuel, we should have filled it until it literally ran out the top, then ‘bled’ the injectors to get the last bit of air out.  Once he did that, we were golden!
Dan got a few other things done that had been niggling him, so he felt good about checking all his boxes on the ‘to do’ list.
Time to move on down the Canal to Baldwinsville!

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