Monday, October 8, 2018

Buffalo, NY, October 5, 2018

Leaving Tonawanda and approaching Buffalo, we came upon a very unique (in our experience) bridge.  It is a pretty large structure, is a railroad bridge, and it turns in a full circle to let boats pass!  I have pictures in sequence, as follows...


starting to turn....

a little more

coming around.....

almost there....

almost really there....

and open!  Amazing!

Buffalo is the first large, vibrant city we have seen since Albany, New York.  The waterfront has a wonderful veterans’ memorial area, with separate memorials for the Viet Nam War, the Korean War, Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was dark when we got there, so there may be more than that!  There are also some decommissioned Navy ships there that are open for visitors during the day.  Dan was really interested in touring the boats, but we are starting to feel a little pressure to get home to Michigan.  We liked what we saw of Buffalo, and we will definitely come back!  We had a nice dinner at the restaurant in the same building as the museum…not sure what the subject of the museum is, because we didn’t enter!

Navy destroyer, now a museum, docked in Buffalo

walking to the military museum and Navy ships in Buffalo

Buffalo has really honored their veterans

Viet Nam memorial in Buffalo

memorial to those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan

close up of the Navy destroyer

honoring veterans

far away look at the Navy destroyer

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