Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dunkirk, October 6, 2018

Leaving the Buffalo area, the town of Dunkirk was about a day’s cruise away.  While many of the small towns we had visited in this journey are economically distressed, this little town takes the prize for the most down-trodden one.  The marina and most of the boats there were a bit derelict looking.  As it our habit, we took a walk to see what we could find in town.  We walked about a mile, through what at one time had been their ‘downtown’.  Almost all the store fronts were empty, dirty, long abandoned.  There was the obligatory Post Office, bank, WIC and unemployment offices.  I remember one gas station, on the highway near the marina.  There was a small strip mall-type development next to the marina, where we obtained some dinner.  Since the summer season was over, most of those shops were closed, including the one where we had hoped for ice cream!  There was one small restaurant in town that had a sign advertising breakfast for the next day.  We only saw one large and once beautiful church just off the main road.  On Sunday morning we went to breakfast at the little restaurant, and we only saw about six cars at the church – on Sunday morning! 

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