Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cleveland, 10/09/18

Wow, Cleveland!  Another place we placed on our “Must Visit Another Time” list.  The skyline is most impressive.  We stayed at the marina that is literally at the back door of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  We didn’t take the time to tour the R&R Hall of Fame on this visit, but we will definitely do that on our next visit.
Our first meal in Cleveland started out to just be a drink at the restaurant Nuevo right there on the waterfront.  We had a couple of drinks with their excellent chips and salsa, then ordered one dinner and shared.  There was a very convivial group there at the bar.  Two guys happened to be firefighters from West Texas, there for a training class.  They were enjoying their visit up north.  We started talking to another couple there, who were just starting to figure out what they want to do in their upcoming retirement.  They were fascinated to hear about our travels, both in the boat and RV.  We had lots of stories and advice for them – mainly, get a guide book, stay off the Interstates, and go exploring the US!  They seemed to be fired up and ready to do just that!
Next morning, we decided to go out for breakfast, visit the Chase bank, and find the downtown grocery store we had heard about.  This grocery store, Heinen’s, was like none other we expect to ever see!  It is in space that started out as the main branch of a big bank.  It had totally amazing and beautiful décor, right down to the brass medallion on the floor.  The pattern on the floor had some large circles, and the grocery store managed to find tables and chairs that exactly fit into that pattern.  One favorite feature was their wine and beer dispensers.  You purchase a ‘smart card’, insert it, and select which wine or beer, and whether you want just a taste or a glass!   Very cool.  I took lots of pictures!

Cleveland skyline as we approach

Cleveland's beautiful nighttime skyline, from our boat

Inside the atrium in Heinen's, a grocery store!

Beautiful atrium at Heinen's

Amazing Tiffany-looking dome over the atrium
stunning space

tables and chairs to match the original floor

 close up of one of the murals

just a back stairwell, but lovely!

you can see all the levels, with grocery store in the lower
self help wine bar

more than I would normally pay for a bottle!

want a taste, 3 oz. or 5 oz!?

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