Monday, October 8, 2018

Brockport, NY, September 20, 2018

Brockport was a nice little town, with a city dock just alongside the canal.  We didn’t explore very much – for some reason, I wasn’t feeling my best.  We did ride our bikes to the drugstore, and a volunteer at the welcome center drove us to the grocery store for reprovisioning.  So nice to be treated so nicely all along this route!
mural on a bride coming near Brocport

note the arrow...couldn't be clearer which path to take!

coming into Brockport
sculpture at the visitor's center - note old Ivory Soap sign in town

canal boat mural

pretty house, right on the canal

love this sign

Another couple, from Maine, pulled in to dock there in a rented canal boat.  They rented it for a week, just going up and down the Erie Canal.  We had a nice evening at dinner with them.  They were people that we feel like we could be really good friends if we lived closer or saw them more often.

different looking Canal....on the way to Brockport

shows the bike path that goes almost the whole length of the Canal

REI store - we wished there was a dock so we could go shop there!

cool bridge - the middle comes up to allow us to pass

pretty bridges

the underside of the bridge - wooden!

this portion of the Canal had to be blasted through solid rock

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