Thursday, September 21, 2017

At "Home" at Olverson's Lodge Creek Marina, where we bought the Kittiwake

This is the view from the end of our dock - the water is like a mirror this morning!  I got my new camera yesterday - YAY!!  So, now I will be posting pictures often.
Today, our friend, Mike Steele, and Dan will finish the work on the electrical system on the boat.  This means that the inverter can now power everything on the boat, whether we are connected to shore power, generator, or nothing!  It’s required lots of man hours to get this done, but it will be well worth it.

The new refrigerator we bought on September 7 has given us problems since day one – every day or so, no pattern, we will discover that the compressor has just stopped.  I called the vendor where we purchased it and am waiting for a callback to find what they are going to do about it.

We have already met some of the most lovely people!  Last night we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant with new friends, Linda, Wayne, and Zellia.  Wayne is another very talented and knowledgeable person, like Dan.  They had LOTS to talk about! 

We will be here at Olverson’s Marina for the next few days until Dan is satisfied that all is well mechanically and electrically.  Every day I have seen improvement in the things that have been made right.  The dryer hose from the washer/dryer combo had come disconnected, causing the moisture to stay in the boat – now, it’s been connected and all is well!   The master bath sink’s water flow was not good – Dan found that the screen on the faucet just needed cleaning – good pressure now!  Once we get our refrigerator working properly, all will be well in the galley. 

Our plan is to cruise south from here, to the Norfolk area, and have our two grandsons and their dad come aboard.  Annie, Dan’s daughter and their mom/wife, is aboard a Navy ship and is away from home for the next couple of months.

More to follow!

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