Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Annapolis, Solomon's Island, and back 'home' to Olverson's Marina

A Few Days on the “road”….
Well, we did go to Annapolis and got a slip on the city dock. We enjoyed being right in the center of things, with folks walking by admiring all the boats throughout the days and evenings.  Right across the creek, no more than 60 feet away, were a couple of bars.  The one place, Pussers Bar, had wonderful live soft rock music all day and into the evening.  It was wonderful sitting on our bow or on the fly bridge, watching the boats go by and listening to the music.  We enjoyed talking to folks about our boat and, as usual, about Max!  He gathers fans wherever he goes.
Unfortunately, at around 11:00, the music changed to more ‘gansta’ style and the crowd got really loud until 2:00 a.m. – not very conducive to a restful sleep!  After 2:00, it suddenly became very quiet, so we slept really hard until about 7:30, our normal waking time.
Our friend that we camp with in Key West, Paul Foster, visited us for the afternoon from his home near Baltimore.  It was fun to see him and show off our boat.
While in Annapolis, Dan decided that there are just too many maintenance issues on the boat – he didn’t feel comfortable setting off on an 8 day, 8 marina cruise.  So, we decided to head south back to our home away from home, Olverson’s Marina in Lottsburg, Va.  We left Annapolis and headed for Solomon’s Island, Md. and spent the night there.  Their onsite restaurant was closed, so we hopped on our bikes and rode about a mile to another restaurant.  When we returned, we found Max wandering on the dock!!  Yikes, somehow he managed to climb on a chair and leaped over the wall of the cockpit.  It could have been a really bad situation if he had landed in the water.  But, all’s well.  There weren’t many people around, and the ones that were there weren’t annoyed.
The next day, we cruised back to Olverson’s – took most of the day.  Waves were somewhat high, but nothing that caused us any concerns.  Coming back into our slip here felt like coming home!  We’ll be here for about a week, Dan working on various things (some with Mike Steele’s help) and Gena keeping house and doing the ‘gofer’ jobs.

Blogs are much more fun with pictures – right now, I’m having issues with pictures.  My phone takes good pictures, but getting them to my pc and the blog isn’t pretty…Dan’s camera is missing its memory card -  he thinks it’s sitting on his desk at home.  Plus, the rechargeable batteries don’t hold a charge for long, and I am just not familiar with the unit.  So, I’ve ordered a camera which will be delivered here tomorrow!  Yay – and, it’s the same camera I used to use for our blog.  Look forward to getting pictures along with my words!

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