Monday, September 11, 2017

Our first cruise of any length! September 11, 2017

Under way on the Kittiwake!
After our successful very short cruise yesterday, we felt ready to tackle a longer cruise today.  We are heading to Kent Narrows, Mears Point Marina, for the MTOA rendezvous.  We’ll be meeting lots of people, learning more about cruising, socializing.  It is going to take us all day to get there, so we will miss a meet-up at 4:00.  No problem – we will get there when we get there!  We are scheduled to be there through Friday morning. 
We are not familiar with the electronic navigation equipment aboard, but we have figured out enough to help us get there.  Dan has been a pilot, so paper charts and navigating are second nature to him.  Without those skills, there is no way we would be ready to go cruising!  We have an older auto pilot, which only knows how to hold a course, not navigate to a destination.  That’s fine – it’s still a big help, since today a large part of our trip involves several hours holding a course.
Yesterday, we drove from the fly bridge, and Max was really nervous.  It was really windy up there.  Today, we decided to drive from the lower enclosed pilot house.  Max is curled up on the floor, really relaxed.  The only time he got nervous was when we were in some rough chop – now that it’s calmed down out here, he’s just fine.

Today is the first real test of our readiness.  I think we’ll pass with flying colors!

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