Saturday, September 30, 2017

And the Saga of the Refrigerator is Really Over Now!

The refrigerator....AGAIN!  
Well, as I ended the last posting, I related that the refrigerator was back in the cabinet and all was well.  Not exactly, as it turned out.  The temperature in the freezer never got below about 32 degrees, which meant that the refrigerator compartment never cooled below about 50 degrees.  After talking to the technical people with the company, it was decided that we needed to take the refrigerator back to the place where we bought it – about an hour’s drive away.  Once again, Dan took the sliding door and its track from the main entrance, then wrenched the fridge from its cabinet and out the door.  He had help getting it over the railing, into a wagon, and on to the truck.  Of course, I had had to pull out the two ice chests, buy some ice, and transfer the contents of the refrigerator.  (Freezer items had been left in our chest freezer on the fly bridge.)
Dan and I drove to the place, and left the fridge with them for about 3 hours.  They replaced the fan (which wasn’t starting) and the control module for the compressor.  Back on the truck, back to the boat, hauled it back into the boat and into the cabinet.  Voila!  It started to cool right away, and by that evening, the freezer was at zero and the fridge compartment was in the acceptable range.  We decided that the next time the refrigerator had to come off the boat was when we would sell the boat!  What an ordeal.

Watching Dan get into and out of the several compartments for maintenance on the boat, I had sworn that I would do ANYTHING to avoid getting in there!  But, it’s just not fair that Dan has to do everything.  He is the mechanical and electrical expert, but I should do whatever I am able to do my part.  We needed to add salt to the LetraSan system, a simple enough task.  So, I removed the hatch cover, got down inside the compartment, and took care of that task!  It wasn’t as tough to get out as I had feared.  I feel good that I was able to do that much.

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