Sunday, September 10, 2017

Maiden Voyage -

Our maiden voyage on the Kittiwake!

Today, we braved the ‘big water’ of the Potomac.  Our journey was only a couple of hours from Olverson’s Marina in Lodge Creek on the Wacomico River to the Point Lookout Marina on the other side of the Potomac River.  Just the idea of navigating the course, and leaving our comfortable berth at the marina was a bit unnerving.  So, we decided to just take this baby step.  With Dan navigating and Gena driving, we ended up where we intended.  A nice soft landing with Dan’s line handling – good job for both of us.  Woot woot!!  With that little trip under our belt, we are both feeling much more confident.  That’s good, because tomorrow, we have to be at the MTOA rendezvous point, a full day’s cruise away.  We had a wonderful dinner of fresh shrimp and fish tacos, with a drink or two.  We’ll get a good night’s sleep, and get underway right after breakfast.

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