Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Ohio to Tennessee (1/17)

Monday, January 17, 2011
Leaving Waverly, Ohio, and heading for friends Marian and Ray Ericson in Crossville, Tennessee.  We are driving through terrain that we Michiganders never think of when we think about Ohio:  beautiful rolling heavily forested hills, covered in patchy snow at the moment.  My vision of Ohio, prior to my mom and dad moving to Waverly, consisted of either I-80 or I-75, and on those roads, Ohio is almost entirely flat flat farmland! Dan is treating me to some of his favorite country songs.  One classy example is "Dead Skunk in the middle of the road..."  You've gotta love a guy that picks songs like that for you.  :D
Our habit is to avoid the interstate when we have the time.  So, we drove on state roads, and, just for grins, drove through Lexington.  Pretty homes, U of Ky campus, several hospitals, then all the fast food, chain restaurants, shopping that is ubiquitous (Love that word!) in our cities all over the States.  Lexington is so clean, obviously not suffering too much from the recession.
Then, back to rolling hills, twisty roads.  Drove past Lake Cumberland, huge TVA lake - lovely.  The weather is still pretty cold, in the 30's, and overcast. 
We stopped for the night at Marian and Ray's beautiful home on a lake.   Good times - Mexican train dominoes, stories, wine.  Wonderful breakfast this morning.  Next:  Mark and Susie's near Atlanta.

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  1. Gena, I laughed so hard at your dead skunk comment. Pat used to play that when we were first married, as part of a group of songs that he played over and over. It took me back to the living room on Garden.... Love reading your blog. I know you'll have a wonderful time. Watching your weather reports with interest. We're thinking of going south for a week or so in Feb.