Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Pensacola, Florida, January 25, 2011

We are staying at the Naval base in Pensacola for the next few days.  I like being on a military base - I feel totally safe!  It feels good that Dan, and all the folks who are retired military, get the respect they deserve for their service.  When we go through the gates, the guard there often welcome Dan with his Navy rank of Senior Chief.  The campgrounds we visit are only for active or retired military.  We pay, but the rate is less than at a commercial campground.  When we were in Panama City, the base was small enough for us to hear "Tatoo" played in the morning, and then the National Anthem.  Dan and I both stand, put our hands over our hearts, and sing along.
Today it was in the 50's and gloomy weather.  I did go for a walk this morning, down by the road and back on the beach - nice to get out and stretch.  We did some necessary shopping, and stopped at the National Seashore Park - we may take in some Park Ranger tours later this week.
The big quest today was for a manual (hand) juicer.  We have a bag of lovely grapefruits that were crying out to be used.  Neither the commissary nor the PX had one.  We stopped at an antique place - they had two:  one was $37 and one was $45!  I don't want an antique; I just want one that works.  We stopped at a flea market and found one - actually, Dan found one and did a happy dance - 50 cents!  Not a great one, but certainly functional.  We had to stop at 'Wally World' for something else, and, sure enough, they had a really good one and I bought it.  Now, we're in business!

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