Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday, January 29m, 2011 - Pensacola

Lovely day today, around 70 degrees.  Walked this morning, normal stuff like grocery shopping, etc. today - just doing it in sunny warm weather.  Made Dan stop puttering this evening and take a long walk with me, down the beach (hard slugging in the soft sand) and back along the hiking trail.  We're both chillin' and checking our email, etc. on our respective computers!  Dinner will be later when we're both hungry.  Took some pictures of the beach crew yesterday - they're here every day sifting through the sand for tar balls that wash up on the beach.  I didn't even notice them until I talked to those guys....Missing my grandchildren, but otherwise having a nice and enjoyable time.  Dan is a continual joy.  I am one blessed woman!

my friendly sandpipers on a sand bar...

these buys are out here everyday, apparently, scooping up tar balls...

another shot of the Pensacola lighthouse

this is what the tar balls look like on the beach.

these are what the guys are scooping up

when I see this, I think nothing of it....

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