Friday, January 21, 2011

Grandmotherville - Leesburg, Ga.

Arrived yesterday, loved on my two grandsons, Rylan almost 6, and Brody just turned 3.  Oh, and I got hugs from my daughter and her husband as well.  Loved watching the boys play - at one point Rylan and 3 other big boys took a long rope and hooked all 4 of their scooters together in a train.  Kind of looks like an accident waiting to happen - but, what fun!  No major tragedies.  Dinner at a local bar-be-que place, Shug's.  We'll be here until Sunday, long enough to have a big birthday party for Brody with 'thousands' of kids jumping on a big air-filled thing in the back yard.  Weather is certainly warmer (in the 50's yesterday), but rainy today. 

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