Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday in Pensacola - January 26

High winds last night, but we are snug in the camper.  This morning, lovely sunshine and a cool brisk wind blowing - in the 50's, though, so a sweatshirt was plenty.  My morning walk takes me through a path, for about a mile and a half, through the woods, then return by the beach.  This afternoon, Dan had some work to do, so I played 9 holes of golf!!  My first golf since last Fall, so I didn't play well (as if I EVER play well).  But, I had fun - I 'owned' the entire nine holes - didn't see anyone else in front or behind me.  What a nice way to play!
We ran some errands this afternoon, then had dinner out.  Just normal stuff - loving the warmer weather.

sandpipers on the beach this morning

on my walk this morning - Spanish moss everywhere...

the campground where we are staying on the Naval Air Station

the path through the woods

farther along the path

coming down to the beach to start the return trip...

Pensacola lighthouse, as seen from the beach

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