Sunday, August 29, 2021

Port Washington, Wisconsin

 August 26, 2021  Port Washington, Wisconsin

Nice little town with an actual downtown!  There are quite a few pre-Civil war buildings, making for interesting walks through town.  Dominating the skyline over the town is a beautiful steeple on the top of a very heavily wooded hill – from the bottom, where the downtown and the marina are, you can only see the steeple.  On our evening walk, we did find a very long staircase that leads to the church, but we were not in the mood to climb it!  Also on the top of that hill is a lighthouse that was built in 1860. 

As we were securing the boat after arriving, a man standing there was interested in where we are from, where we left from, etc.  He is originally from Grand Rapids, so was happy to talk to some Michiganders.  He recommended a restaurant, fairly new, called The Steerage.  He said it’s the best food in town.  Well, we went there and had a lovely dinner, cocktails, appetizer, and dessert for $61 – quite a bargain these days.  And, the food was delicious.  The owner came around and actually was our waiter. 

The next morning, I took advantage of the cooler weather and went on a walk.  Climbed a pretty long hill looking at some nice homes with porches, then realized I was on the level with the beautiful church and lighthouse.  So, I walked over and got some nice pictures!

Next stop, McKinley Marina in Milwaukee, where the fuel prices are the cheapest around!  Looking forward to 3 days in this large city exploring and seeing interesting things!

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