Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sister Bay, Wisconsin


Sister Bay, Wisconsin   August 8 through 10

Wow, what a difference!  Although the marina slip cost the same, the marina couldn’t have been more different. The marina itself had beautiful landscaping, good and solid docks, and professional dock attendants to help us land our boat (in a pretty narrow slip in a really strong wind!).  The whole town had amazing flower gardens throughout.  I may have overworked my phone camera!

One fun sight was the Al Johnson restaurant that had grass roof.  Several white goats are in residence, during the day, on the roof! 

Our new friends, Joy and Larry, arrived the day after we did.  Joy and I went on a nice walk to do some shopping – a part of which was up a VERY steep hill!  They left after only one night, so we bid them luck as they transitioned to a different style of travel.  Larry has some problems with his back, and handling the chores relating to boating are just too much for him now.  They are putting the boat up for sale and will be traveling on roads now, in their Allegra bus – a pretty nice way of traveling!

Another couple we met in Sister Bay are fellow Loopers, Angel and Scott.  They had just arrived from Washington Island before us!  They had been at a different marina on Washington Island.  It’s always fun to encounter other folks who are on this Loop journey.  Many experiences and plans are shared and enjoyed together.  We had dinner with them as well as breakfast the next morning!  We never lacked for something to talk about!  Their boat is about the same age as ours, and they have encountered many of the same issues we find on our boat.  Scott seems to be about as knowledgeable as Dan on ways to fix things, so they had a real comfortable time relating boat stories.

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