Sunday, August 29, 2021

Fish Creek, Wisconsin...on down the Door Peninsula


Fish Creek, August 10 thru 11

After only a two hour cruise, we arrived in Fish Creek.  Another charming little town – flowers everywhere, lovely homes, nice beaches with families playing.

One “requirement” in Fish Creek is to attend a ‘fish boil’ at Peletiers Restaurant.  So, we did!  Didn’t sound appetizing to us, ‘boiling fish’??  But, first, it was quite a show!  A large crowd, about 50 people, all gathered around a huge pot boiling on a fire.  The cook shoveled in some salt, and last, some corn.  At a prescribed time (?) he threw some kerosene on the fire and WHOOSH, the fire went really big, then came down again.  Everyone went to his/her table to be served.  Second point, the meal was delicious!  Fish, probably white fish or cod, potatoes, corn, a small sweet onion, plus bread.  It was surprisingly very very good!  Maybe it just means that you can put lots of salt and butter on most anything, and it tastes good!

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