Sunday, August 29, 2021

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin


August 10, 2021  Egg Harbor    

Another charming harbor and town on the Door Peninsula.  Again, the harbor was down at the bottom of a steep hill.  The town has a lovely harborside park that covers the hillside.  There are cool scultures, benches (situated to enjoy the sunset), beautiful gardens.  One night we were there, there was live music in the park that we could hear from our boat.  I took a walk and found a nice nature trail that took me down the road to the public beach.  Again, a steep hill down to the water, with beautiful sculptures, gardens, and benches down the hill.  The beach was nice, and several families were enjoying the warm water and lovely day.  On my walk back into town, I went directly east and connected with a different road that went into town.  On that road was a woman’s gallery with interesting jewelry, a lovely church (St. John the Baptist Catholic), an old filling station (now a shop, but restored to its former self with gas pumps), a distillery, a brewery.  A couple we had met on Washington Island, Joy and Mike Wissing, were there for one night.  We also met another looper guy briefly, since he left the next morning.

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