Thursday, August 26, 2021

Petoskey - beautiful town!


Petoskey – pretty wonderful place!  July 11 thru 16, 2021

We ended up spending a total of 5 nights in Petoskey because of weather.  That wasn’t much of a problem, because we really enjoyed Petoskey.  We’ve been here before, both by road and on the boat.  Petoskey has done an excellent job of preserving and repurposing very old buildings for a classic downtown.  Lots of shops, restaurants, pubs – they all seem to be thriving these days, thankfully!   The marina is in the middle of a large and beautifully maintained park, and is connected to a greenway that runs along the river.  

The setting for Petoskey is stunning – at the south end of a large bay.  We saw some magnificent sunsets.  We sampled several restaurants.  The most unique, and my favorite experience, was “The Back Lot”.  It was actually a back lot encircled by food trucks with picnic tables in the middle.  I imagine the ‘brick and mortar’ restaurants aren’t in love with the idea, but their customers love it!

On Friday, we headed to Beaver Island, about a 5 hour cruise away.  We were there last year, so we saw what is available on the island at that time.  We plan on only one night there, so we will anchor out tonight in their harbor.  Tomorrow, Saturday, we will cruise another 4-5 hours to Manistique on the Upper Peninsula.  Once again, we will spend only one night there.  I would love to do more exploring of the area, but we have what is known in our boating world as a dangerous situation – a SCHEDULE!!  Yikes.  We have to be in Escanaba  by next Wednesday.  We have a UHaul truck reserved for that day, and we will drop it off in Cheboygan where we will reclaim our truck for a drive home. 

After our one night in Manistique, we will be in Fayette for another one-night stay.  Fayette is an interesting place – it is actually more of a museum than an active town.  We toured the town/museum a few years ago on a road trip.

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