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July 18, 2021, Manistique

We spent one night in Manistique, and as is our habit, we strolled into town to see what’s what.  Turns out their downtown is about 2 blocks long, and the choice of dining is 3 pubs, 1 Chinese, and 1 pizza spot.  We ate at Marley’s,  an old pub.  They had a sign out front “cudigi 10.95”.  We asked what that was and were told it is pronounced koo-di-gee, and it is a sausage patty with sautéed onions and mushrooms, covered by a ragu sauce.  We passed on it, but later wished we had tried it!   We asked the waitress about the origin of the dish, and she did not know.  So, I asked my friend, Google.  Cudighi (yes, they had misspelled it!) is a sausage that originally came from Italy, and is mainly served in Michigan’s U.P.  The sausage recipe calls for garlic, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg…very different. 

After our dinner, we stopped at another pub, called Wheaton’s.  They absolutely know about cudighi!  This bar was friendly, comfortable, and had some cool t-shirts.  One, had the shape of the U.P. and “The drunker half”. My favorite t-shirt said on the back “Two Yoopers left a bar….yes, it could happen!”

We met a couple, Charlotte and David, who were in the marina in their beautiful Hinkley boat, the Henry A.  They are also going to Fayette tomorrow.  There is nothing in Fayette but the preserved deserted town, which we did see on a road trip 10 years ago.

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