Sunday, August 29, 2021

Beaver Island!


Beaver Island, July 17/18, 2021

We arrived in Beaver Island around 1:00.  Absolutely perfect weather, 70’s, sunny, no wind.  This is our second time anchoring out.  There were only a couple of sailboats and one other boat of our size in the harbor when we let out our anchor.  By 4:00, several other boats had arrived.  The harbor wasn’t crowded, and we were glad of that!  Dan had a nap, Gena read and had a conversation with Laura.  Around 5:00, we dropped the dinghy in the water and cruised around the harbor.  There was a dinghy dock by the one marina, so we left it there, and walked over to have diner.

Beside the south marina, there was a huge sculpture.  It was a globe, about 8 feet in diameter.  Made of iron, all rusted, the surface was composed of hundreds (thousands?) or hands, each with a cutout of encouraging, positive words.  Quite impressive!  We were told that a guy, last name of Alton, had brought the sculpture here from “Burning Man” in Nevada.  Alton was one of the main players in the design of the ‘town’ and the utilities serving it.  The town was created in the desert from absolutely nothing!  The globe has a winch that allows it to be raised a few inches, and on weekends they build a fire inside.  I would love to have seen that!

After dinner, we ‘dinked’ around a bit more, looked for a place to leave it by the other marina, where there is a small market – no deal.  All docks were private or only for registered boats.  We didn’t want to beach it, with our new motor! So, we went back to our boat for a lovely quiet evening.  In the morning, the water was as still as could be.  We were in 20 feet of water, and we could look right down to the bottom.  Beautiful!  We had to get on with our travels, but it would have been nice to spend some time ‘dinking’ around or swimming off the beaches or our swim platform.  Next time!

Today, Saturday, we are cruising to Manistique on the UP mainland.  Once again, we’ve only allotted one night there.  But, we’ll see what we are able in the time we have.

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