Tuesday, September 14, 2021


 August 30, 2021,  Milwaukee,

We enjoyed Milwaukee very much.  The McKinley Marina is HUGE, and is actually 3 marinas.  Friends, on the Subject to Change, were on E dock and we were on N.  It was a half hour walk to get to their boat!  We had drinks and snacks the first night we were there.

We tied up the boat on the Port side, which allows us to deploy the dinghy.  We had several excursions using the dinghy – what a hoot!  The first trip across the big harbor and going up the river, Dan and I both got drenched!  We had followed Tim and June on their dinghy.  When we got close to them, we realized they were dry as a bone!  They are very experienced dinghy users and filled us in on some tips.  They have the same dinghy and motor as we do.  What worked for us, on subsequent trips, was for me to sit on the floor in the middle of the dinghy.  This allows the bow to go up, and any splash is absorbed up in front. 

I took several nice walks in Milwaukee.  The first, was around the park which surrounds the harbor, then up a trail and steps that put you up on the street level.  Quite a climb!  But, it was worth it.  I saw some nice sculptures, lovely old homes – took lots of pictures, as usual!

Another walk was in the Third Ward.  Dan put me off the dinghy and went on to the Harley Davidson Museum, whi ch I had no interest in seeing!  So, I got to explore Milwaukee’s Public Market and walk around the streets taking pictures of some beautiful architecture.  The Public Market is nothing like Eastern Market in Detroit.  Milwaukee’s was a collection of eateries and seating for folks.  It is lovely and had quite a selection of food, from middle eastern to wine, tosandwiches, to fresh fish, to bakery goods.   My favorite big building was Milwaukee’s City Hall.  I saw the building in the distance, then drew closer.  It has a tall spire and is quite beautiful.  The building closest to it has a mirrored surface, which perfectly reflects the City Hall tower – cool!   There were also a few more sculptures around the area.  Milwaukee has a huge number of the sculptures, each with its own characteristics.

We were delayed in leaving by one day, and we used that day to just relax, do some needed light chores, and nap!  I would go back to Milwaukee in a heartbeat!

Now, on to Racine – looking forward to 4 nights there.

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